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Welcome to Brooks Corning

Our office, located in Vancouver, BC, is a provider of adaptable furniture for every work environment. We have partnered with many brands, including Haworth, to bring world class solutions and excellent service to you.

Fostering Collaboration in the Workplace

Visit our product page for a curated selection of the brands we represent. Here we showcase everything you will need to build a collaborative space, a private office, or a workstation.

A Glimpse Into What We’ve Created

We work with some of Canada’s top brands – Vancouver Canucks, MEC, Seaspan and UBC to name a few.

The Workplace is Evolving and So Are We

Read the latest feature in ‘Our Voice’ and stay tuned for upcoming posts.

Navigating The New Normal

Brooks Corning understands that as a collective we are going through a global shift right now. We want you to know our main priority is to work with you in keeping your employees safe, productive and engaged wherever they may be.

Current Critical Areas of Focus:

Employee Wellbeing:

Supporting people’s physical and psychological health to build confidence and enhance performance

Organizational Culture:

Understanding and preserving your culture to empower your workforce and leverage your space in new ways

Transforming Your Floorplate:

Addressing facility requirements, density, and exposure while mitigating risk

Brooks Corning is fortunate to partner with Haworth and have access to the knowledge that comes from their global presence and perspective. In addition, we work with many other wonderful manufacturers who are all working very hard to provide creative solutions to the new demands of the workplace. Our first priority is to know more about you – your team, your culture, and your vision, so that we can help you devise a return to work strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Services We Offer

We will support you on every step of your journey:

  • Partnering with experts to create the best solutions for your space.
  • Selecting the right pieces to create a healthy, functional workspace.
  • Providing product options that work for your budget.
  • Offering storage and experienced staff to handle your product.
  • Efficient and reliable from start to finish.
  • Timely maintenance and repairs as well as creating solutions for your warranty needs.

Get To Know Our President

What do we have? Well, the term I like is “a 104 year old start up”. The legacy of a company that has been providing goods and services for a long time, now being infused with the attitude of a start up. That “start up” attitude perpetuates a multitude of needs. Need for a better website. Need of social media profiles. Need to refine processes and procedures. Need of faster operating systems. Need to hire more great people.

The Cultivate Table: Fostering Growth in Your Office

As we know, to cultivate is to not only foster growth, but to also make friends and connections within a group. Similarly, according to Haworth, the “Cultivate is a shared table that creates a sense of community, encouraging interaction and collaboration with an inviting balance of practicality and visual appeal.

Featured Products



Our range of workstations from Compose Connections to Reside provides group configuration with an ability to personalize your own space. Whether it’s a height-adjustable work surface, an ergonomic chair or even a wrist base for your keyboard, simple comforts can have a monumental impact on your productivity.


Collaborative Areas

Office environments are rapidly evolving to include more shared space, which strongly encourages collaboration. In doing so, you will promote learning, share ideas and nurture your company culture throughout your space.



GAN is a concept firmly rooted in design and based around handmade products. Through Haworth’s continued partnership with Patricia Urquiola, our GAN rug collection is an exclusive offering of her unique designs and colorways.

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We hope everyone is staying safe. As of March 16th, 2020, Brooks Corning closed its showroom to the public until further notice. However, we are available by appointment. If you want to reach us or set up an appointment in the showroom, please email us at or call us at (604) 688-6655.

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