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Our range of workstations from Compose Connections to Reside provides group configuration with an ability to personalize your own space. Whether it’s a height-adjustable work surface, an ergonomic chair or even a wrist base for your keyboard, simple comforts can have a monumental impact on your productivity.

Our Workplace Consultants are available to walk you through the entire process of creating a workstation from start to finish – this includes the latest options from open concept layouts to standard desking.

Product inquiries:

Compose Connections with the work rail and Belong plus screen, X-Series PED and Soji Task Chair

Hop Desk by Haworth
Planes by Haworth
Haworth Lightweight Separation Screens with Zody Task Seating
Beside by Haworth
BuzziDesk Split by BuzziSpace
Planes by Haworth
Reside by Haworth
Compose by Haworth
Haworth Compose Connections
Haworth Compose Connections
Haworth Intuity Benching
Compose Connections by Haworth