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by | Sep 4, 2018

Trends Insights 2018

Observing socioeconomic and technology trends has proven in the past to be just as important as observing workplace trends. All of the latest external trends can be great influencers that drive business decisions. Being aware of these trends can help you and your leadership team make smart decisions and can be used as great tools to spark conversations with clients or customers so that you may better understand their needs and organizational drivers.

Haworth recently published a 2018 Trends Insights report that lays the framework for the biggest social, economic, technological, and workplace trends this year. The report has been compiled by scouring the internet, talking with clients, in-depth research, and working with an independent third party that helps Haworth find the latest, most influential trends to share. Understanding relevant and timely insights for commercial environments will allow you to learn about (and potentially educate your team) on the latest social, work, technology, and economic trends. These insights have been developed through the tracking of over 400 sources of information and the attendance of over 40 trade shows worldwide each year. Needless to say, the research has been thorough. We’ve compiled below our “top” trend from each category that we feel is relevant to most (if not all) businesses. Keep these statistics in mind when conducting future business transactions and decision making.


Social media is taking over BIG time. Haworth notes that the average time spent on Instagram per day grew to 28 minutes since the addition of the Stories feature. That’s 7–13 minutes longer than the times collected just before the Stories launch. Individual users aren’t the only ones participating—more than 1 million advertisers are now actively using Stories each month. The call for companies to start optimizing on Facebook and Instagram ads has been huge. Get in while you can, before the price per click skyrockets.


Brands are evolving to a circular relationship where the consumer connects throughout the experience of a product’s usage: Engage interest. Discover benefits. Transact performance. Operate correctly. Service is white glove. Grow add-on opportunities. Feedback is shared. Everything conducted in business nowadays should have a goal in mind: nurturing each step of the way to ensure that your customers will come back full-circle. Don’t let your business run linearly, with an end-point.


The connection between workspace design and employee well-being is very real. With workspace design, we have the ability to nudge people towards desired behaviors that positively affect their well-being, like taking the stairs, changing postures from sitting to standing, making casual connections, and being able to focus on work. The importance of understanding ergonomics and how it can impact and benefit people in the workplace is very important. Hence, why furniture ergonomics has shown such an increase in the past several years – and hence, why we see so much value in it here at Brooks Corning.


Take action. Companies are starting to think more about creating an “experience” or inciting customers to “do” something with their brand – like offering opportunities for people to win a prize when they choose, swipe, spin, click, or watch. These customer interactions engage customers in creative ways to build brand awareness. Brand identity and building brand awareness is so crucial nowadays to set your brand aside from the millions of others out there. Thinking of how you can use technology in creative ways to engage your audience will work in your benefit.

Focusing on all types of trends is crucial in making smart business decisions. Some socioeconomic trends could have just as a driving force on clients or customers as their workplace trends do. Always make sure to stay well researched and informed. To learn more about relevant trends, feel free to visit Haworth’s website or give us a shout. We’d be happy to discuss further!

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