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by | Mar 19, 2019

The Cultivate Table: Fostering Growth in Your Office

As we know, to cultivate is to not only foster growth, but to also make friends and connections within a group. Similarly, according to Haworth, the “Cultivate is a shared table that creates a sense of community, encouraging interaction and collaboration with an inviting balance of practicality and visual appeal. It brings warmth and variety, enhancing creativity in social spaces and community environments.” This is why we are excited to tell you about Haworth’s newest product – the Cultivate Table – which is the perfect piece to help your space thrive.  

Do you ever feel frustrated with your personal workspace and have the urge to relocate to a more comfortable and inviting environment? We sure do! This is why incorporating a variety of settings in our office so we can work almost anywhere is extremely important to every member of our team. We want to feel relaxed, we want natural light, we want to encourage open communication and creativity, and we want it now! Okay, you can probably tell that we’re quite passionate about this subject – but creating a flexible space for your employees will help stimulate productivity and positivity throughout the workplace.

We would like to focus on the word “flexibility” for a moment – and I’m not talking about yoga (although I’m sure taking 5 minutes a day to “namaste” wouldn’t hurt). Flexible seating options can inspire human connectivity by making it easier for people to collaborate. Haworth recommends 4 types of collaborative spaces that should be in every office: presentation spaces, tactical execution spaces,  strategic thinking spaces and social spaces. These spaces should be attractive, comfortable and minimal – which bring us to Cultivate.

The Cultivate Table, designed by Dan West, is a practical solution to help create more communal spaces around the office. It’s clean and simple design offers customizable options that really warm up a workplace. Some of our favorite features include:

  • How High? – The Cultivate can be either sitting or standing height depending on the vibe and feel you are wanting to create!
  • How Bright? – The Cultivate is available in the full range of standard Haworth paint colors, veneers, and laminates for both frames and tops.
  • How Practical?Pair Cultivate with select X Series storage components, add power capability, and accessorize with bag hooks depending on the space you are creating.

To receive more information, pricing, or how to incorporate the Cultivate table into your space, please email our team at to schedule an appointment for a showroom visit with one of our Workplace Consultants.

We also encourage you to browse the Collaborative Areas section on our product page where we hope you can gather some inspiration for your latest project.