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by | Apr 17, 2018

The Modernized Phone Booth

The phone booth, for much of the 20th century, was an integral part on every street corner, whether it be a bustling city or a small desert town. With the emergence of mobile cell phones, the phone booth phenomenon quickly faded into what seemed like more of an ancient relic. Lately, however; we’ve been seeing the phone booth make a come back. How so? Read on to find out.

With the emergence of mobile phones, came a huge tech explosion. Tech startup offices were huge fans of collaboration and the open space floor plan. Quickly, this became the norm and every office popping up included an open concept work space. And just as quickly came the frequently experienced nuisance and noise that came with mobile phones and open cubicles. Many people found that they could not concentrate on their work with their cubicle partner yapping on the phone in such close proximity next to them. This is where designers and manufacturing companies saw an opportunity for improvement, and introduced the modernized phone booth.

You’re probably thinking by now, so what is the modernized phone booth? Well, let’s dive a little deeper and find out. One of the leading manufacturers and experts in this area is Framery Acoustics, which Brooks Corning is a proud partner of. They are pioneers in developing soundproof private spaces – and is the only company in the market solely focused on making them. They put user experience first to turn efficiency up.

Framery offers two different types of “phone booth” designs: The Framery O model and the Framery Q model. They also give you options to design your own booth, with special customizations ranging from colour scheme to furniture choices to number of outlets. Framery O is the standard phone booth look that is designed perfectly for one person’s important calls or video conferences. This is the model that portrays the “modernized phone booth.” Framery Q is the larger of the two and takes a spin on the modernized phone booth term. The Q is more of a meeting pod that allows for multiple people meetings, brainstorming sessions, and important one-on-one conversations. It can comfortably fit two to three people in it. Both the O and the Q booths include a table top, air ventilation system, electronic socket, and LED lighting, to deliver a fresh, echo-free, and comfortable working environment. Not to mention, an incredibly private and confidential work space.

Framery is helping revolutionize and redefine open floor plan offices. They understand and adhere to employees needs for privacy and comfort, which we’re all about supporting here at Brooks Corning. Interested in learning more about Framery booths? Check out their brochures and product cards here or feel free to get in touch with us at 604-688-6655. We’d be happy to have one of our representatives walk you through the Framery booths technicalities and any questions you may have.



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