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by | May 21, 2021

Framery In Action: A Detailed User Experience!

As a piano student, I have to practice piano at least 1-2 hours a day. When I work on difficult songs, I have to focus on some hard sections and practice them over and over again.  I measured the intensity of the sound when I play my piano. The intensity of the piano sound can range from 87 to 90 decibel. My neighbors can hear it clearly in their homes or outside of my townhouse. 

I want to be a good neighbor by not disrupting my neighbors’ normal lives, so I have spent so many months doing research about soundproofing solutions.  One day, I browsed the internet and found different brands of soundproof boxes sold in Vancouver. The next day, I went to these places to compare all the soundproof boxes. Finally, I found that Framery has the best quality and soundproofing effect compared to the other brands of soundproof boxes. 

I purchased a Framery Q from Brooks Corning and they helped me install the pod. My Framery pod doesn’t have furniture because I needed space to place my piano. My Framery Q has wheels, and my husband and I can move the pod to any location that we want on our first floor. Picture 1 shows the previous location that our pod has been set. Then, my husband and I moved the pod against the other wall, as you see in picture 2.  

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3 shows a fashionable football-like thing that is a USB wall outlet located inside the pod on the left bottom.  It is very convenient for me to charge my phone and computer.  A LED ceiling light and ventilation system have been set on the ceiling in the pod. The ventilation system is quiet. It keeps the air circulating and maintains fresh air in the box. According to the Framery official website, the indoor air quality has been tested by an accredited testing laboratory in Finland, which ensures the quality of air inside the box.

Picture 3

Picture 4

Inside the pod, there are high quality sound-absorbing materials. When I play the piano, I don’t hear any echo or feel any sound increase; instead, I feel the sound of my piano becomes more natural and softer. The material of these acoustic parts, including sound-absorbing materials, glasses, and frames, are not flammable. All Framery pods are produced in Finland and meet Finnish or international standards, which means that the quality of Framery pod is topnotch.  

If you want to buy the Framery pod, feel free to go to Brooks Corning. The saleslady Natalie is very nice and welcoming. She introduced the pod to my family and me when we first saw the Framery pods. After I made my decision, Natalie helped me purchase the pod, and arrange the time for the installation. As mentioned, it ships from Finland – during this time, Natalie sent me emails to check with me and tell me the pod’s expected arrival time, which led me not to worry. The installation crew was very professional when they installed the pod. If you live in greater Vancouver and want a good soundproof box, consider Framery pod and check with the Brooks Corning company.