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by | Jul 17, 2018

A Growing Commitment to Sustainability

As a Best in Class Preferred Haworth dealer, Brooks Corning prides itself on embodying Haworth’s values, class, and practices. With the ever changing environment being a huge concern in today’s society – Haworth has pledged to be a sustainable corporation. Striving for sustainability is their corporate responsibility – by engaging their employees in more sustainable practices; initiating and using processes that are neutral or improve the environment; and utilizing their resources in ways that create adaptable and sustainable workplace solutions for our customers. We work in unison with Haworth to globally protect and restore our environment, create economic value, and support and strengthen our community.

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we’re always excited to introduce new lines that echo the same values. This is why we’re thrilled to announce the latest line we’re carrying: Fox & Bird Wood Co, that creates beautiful custom live edge wood slabs. Fox & Bird only sources sustainably harvested local and exotic timber of the highest grade, uses non-toxic all natural finishing products, and only sources wood that is legally harvested and has been grown and managed to FSC standards.

Fox & Bird’s Chief Wood Master, Vinnie Bohemier, has spent his life showing dedication and commitment to the full cycle of the forest. He has planted over 2.5 million trees in Canada by hand and has a degree in Fine Woodworking and over 15 years experience in the field. He has also ensured that Fox & Bird partnered with a leading Canadian Reforestation company that itself has planted over 1.4 billion trees.  

So where exactly does Fox & Bird source its top grade timber from? They partner with local industry leader specialty mills and First Nations timer licensees, as well as sourcing tropical woods from hardwood partners in Latin America with decades of experience and satisfied customers. Fox & Bird can provide slabs in over 40 species of both local and tropical woods. These slabs can be finished to suite the custom designs and desires of any client, including (but not limited to): live edge tables, coffee tables, countertops, desks, wall centerpieces, and baseboard and trim. See below for the current sizes and types of wood Fox & Bird has available in stock:

  • Live Edge Larch  slabs  2’x14’x3”
  • Massive  Fir  slabs  (up  to) 5’x12’x3”
  • Massive  Sitka  Spruce  slabs  5’x14’x3”
  • Red  Cedar  slabs  2’x6’x3”
  • Quilted  Maple  of various  sizes
  • Maple  &  Birch  slabs  of  various  sizes
  • Tiger  Wood  cookies
  • Teak  slabs  and  live  edge  baseboard  and  trim
  • Claro  Walnut  

Of course – with sustainability also comes guaranteed satisfaction. Fox & Bird guarantees delivery on time, to spec, and top quality. The slabs are delivered finished and ready to install. To learn more about this beautiful line and how you can create a customized piece, give us a shout – we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about Fox & Bird pieces or about our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

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