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by | May 1, 2018

The Fern Chair – A New Movement in Seating

Haworth Inc. is constantly researching, innovating, and designing products to meet the evolving business needs of today’s world. They understand how a work space can influence and support a positive culture by enhancing engagement and fostering collaboration to drive innovation. Work space has the potential for nurturing health and well-being of employees. Haworth likes to coin their research as “evidence based comfort,” and believe us when we say their research is thorough. They’ve consulted with professionals that represent a variety of disciplines, including biomechanics, physical therapy, kinesiology, and chiropractic. Consulting these professionals and focusing their design research on the entire back region – especially the thoracic region – has Haworth putting forth one of their most impressive designs yet, the Fern Chair.

For people at work, their chair could be the most important piece of furnishing in the office. It’s their personal work tool – an intimate object that enables (or inhibits) their performance throughout the day. Positive and engaged workers are driven to perform, so why not help them with the most comfortable, supportive, ergonomic seating? Greater comfort yields greater productivity. That’s where Fern is introduced.

Inspired by the fluid strength and beauty of nature (hence the word “Fern”), Fern enhances your average, everyday sitting experience by providing the ability to move with natural freedom, comfort, and total support. Designed from the inside out, and putting the person at the center, Fern is designed much like the human body’s spinal anatomy. It’s designed and fine-tuned to your body, allowing maximum flexibility and performance. It’s designed with wave suspension so it moves with you, and not against you. In conducting research for the Fern Chair, Fern was the only task chair among three competitors’ chairs that reported no level of discomfort in sitting upright, and fewest reports of discomfort in other postures.

On the outside, Fern’s soft aesthetic makes it approachable and easy to integrate into any environment. With a variety of pre-designed colour and finishings suggestions, it also comes with the flexibility to choose your own design options. The chair itself comes with great flexibility with adjustable seating height and an adjustable curvature of the back. Certain models also have a headrest that is adjustable.

The Fern Chair is really doing all that Haworth promises when they say: Sit Well. Work Well. Feel Well. Interested in learning more about the Fern Chair? Feel free to get in touch with us at 604-688-6655, or drop into our showroom to try one out yourself! We’d be happy to have one of our representatives walk you through the Fern Chair and any questions you may have!

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