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by | Jul 31, 2018

Haworth is Setting the Bar for Comfort – Again

Haworth’s seating family is growing. Meet Soji – the newest addition to the “Best in Class” task seating portfolio, designed by Arne Dassen and Haworth Studio. Soji is a highly-adjustable task chair with more ergonomic options than most in its class – without sacrificing comfort or design. From the second you sit down, Soji brings your body and mind into sync.

Designed for a wide range of people, spaces, and different types of work, Soji provides a strong return on investment and efficiently satisfies workplace strategies for better overall well-being. Employees will appreciate the effortless comfort Soji provides, while designers will love the refined colour and finish options to choose from.

This all sounds great so far, but you’re probably wondering – what exactly makes the Soji Chair stand out in a crowd? Well lucky for you, we have answers…

Why Soji?

1) Well-being in the workplace leads to a more engaged workforce

Environments that support peoples individualized comfort and diverse work styles promote well-being, which leads to increased engagement, creativity, and effectiveness – the keys to attraction and retention of talent.

On average, office workers lose 28% of their productive time due to interruptions and distractions. A high-performing, comfortable chair helps you get into the zone – so that you can keep focused and stay productive and creative.

Soji was designed purposefully to bring your body and mind into sync, and built on a foundation of over 30 years of seating research and knowledge.

2) Organizations are challenged to keep cost down

Soji provides a great value line – comfort, ergonomics, and quality at a cost effective price. It supports a wide range of people, body types, and postures with its easy to operate ergonomic adjustments to ensure that people are supported for years to come. It also supports different work environments and pairs well with height-adjustable tables and technology support tools (e.g., monitor arms) to create complete, ergonomic solutions that address health and wellness needs without exceeding your budget.

However, there is no need to sacrifice quality with a cost effective chair – Soji’s fit and finish convey the Haworth standard that organizations count on to ensure that the chair will perform for the long-run.

3) Employees represent more than 80% of a company’s overall investment

With so much invested in their largest asset, organizations should align facility strategies with business strategies to reflect the behaviors and performance they desire from their workers. It’s important to properly support your workers – mentally and physically. Investing in the comfort and well-being of your greatest asset – your people – is the key to workplace success.

Soji boasts thoughtful design and informed ergonomics based on a foundation of research and knowledge. And it really does live up to its meaning behind its Hindi name: “Soji [noun]: A brief period of mindful work.” If you’re interested in learning more about Soji, check out Haworth’s product page here or feel free to get in touch with us at 604-688-6655. We’d be happy to provide you with more information on the Soji chair or what task seating chair would suit you and your organization best.