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Welcome to Brooks Corning

Our office, located in Vancouver, BC, is a provider of adaptable furniture for every work environment. We have partnered with many brands, including Haworth, to bring world class solutions and excellent service to you.

Fostering Collaboration in the Workplace

Visit our product page for a curated selection of the brands we represent. Here we showcase everything you will need to build a collaborative space, a private office, or a workstation.

A Glimpse Into What We’ve Created

We work with some of Canada’s top brands – Vancouver Canucks, MEC, Seaspan and UBC to name a few.

The Workplace is Evolving and So Are We

Read the latest feature in ‘Our Voice’ and stay tuned for upcoming posts.

Services We Offer

We will support you on every step of your journey:

  • Partnering with experts to create the best solutions for your space.
  • Selecting the right pieces to create a healthy, functional workspace.
  • Providing product options that work for your budget.
  • Offering storage and experienced staff to handle your product.
  • Efficient and reliable from start to finish.
  • Timely maintenance and repairs as well as creating solutions for your warranty needs.

T Shirt Printing Salt Lake City

T Shirt Printing Salt Lake City

T-shirt printing in Salt Lake City pushes your company or brand in the most visible way. Branded shirts are the most visible form of advertising. Meanwhile, the custom market will exceed ten billion dollars by 2025 according to credence research. From Twitch to your local supermarket, people and organizations push t-shirts for visibility and profit.

Why should I professionally print a t-shirt?

Branding is everywhere. The average consumer sees up to 5000 advertisements every day. Marketing prevails everywhere from packaging to plasticware.

It is vital to present your logo and slogan where they make the best impression. Novelty items provide far less benefit than television or radio. Without a person or message to back up your gimmick, the effect is lost.

T-shirts put your employees, their families, and your supporters in front of an enormous audience. The average number of impressions received from a shirt is 344 per month. Your potential customers see employees as they work. This offers the perfect promotional opportunity with a minimal up-front cost.

You can even use professional printing to keep customers coming back. Promotional clothing items are the second most owned product. Giveaways at large-scale events help grow you're your base to the delight of your consumer.

Organizations such as Warren Miller Films even use professional clothing for access and knowledge building. Someone dressed in your company shirt performing your organization's work instantly gains credibility. Small teams even use shirts to build a sense of belonging within large corporations.

Where do I print shirts for my t-shirt company?

Businesses are not the only customers in need of professional manufacturers. Many designers need an affordable source for bulk printing.

Custom designs are the backbone of an $18 billion industry. Entrepreneurs working from home often lack the capacity of a professional company. They need to outsource their plans and receive a quality product in return.

A professional printer offers bulk deals that help keep costs within a reasonable range. Our firm works with many organizations to provide professional services at a reasonable expense.

Our customers range from the Ogden Marathon to Warren Miller films. We push the image our customers deserve, helping them promote and create support for their brands or causes.

Content clients also include non-profits and events held for the benefit of others. T-shirts are the perfect way to gain attention for your cause. Many people look for a marathon, competition, or fundraiser. Seeing your name piques the interest of a potential participant and generates visibility in your local market in the same way as digital marketing or search engine optimization.

T-Shirts turn your loyal customers across Utah into walking billboards. They can even push your potential base to your website for more information. Placing a catchy campaign is always a good idea.

If you are interested in increasing the number of impressions your company receives from local advertising efforts, offering clothing is a terrific solution. T-shirt printing in Salt Lake City through Affordable Printing is a great way to get the word out.

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T Shirt Printing Salt Lake City T Shirt Printing Salt Lake City