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Article provided by: Morton Appraisals LLC

Phoenix Art Appraiser

Phoenix Art Appraiser Are you looking for a Phoenix art appraiser? Look no further. Sean Morton of Morton Appraisals is an insured and certified licensed appraiser. We can provide private consultations and even online evaluations. Of course, it would be better if you can bring the piece down to our office. Call us at 480-326-6885 to set up an appointment.  

Cleaning out the attic? Before you put throw anything out, think twice about the old items in your possession. Who knows—that obscure antique painting given to you by your great aunt might now cost more than your entire house! Work for a Phoenix art appraiser to determine the value of your items. You can also start to do some snooping on your own. There are several ways to assess if an item is worth something:
Price guides - Check out your book store or library if they have guidebooks on price guides of certain items. Most guidebooks are very specific and only discuss one niche, such as like baseball cards, coins, stamps, but there are also those with a larger scope, such as books on general antiques and collectibles.
Online auctions and databases - There are antique prices guides you can check online. You may also make use of eBay or Craigslist to see how much other people are willing to spend on a specific item.
Online evaluations - Today’s digital age provides a more convenient way for people to have their items appraised. Just take a photo of your item then send it to an appraiser along with important details.
Of course, but the most effective way to determine the value of a work of art is to contact a Phoenix art appraiser. Call Morton Appraisals for appraisals and private consultations on items like antique clocks and jewelry, fine art from the 17th to 20th century, and more. You may reach Morton Appraisals at 480 – 326 – 6885.
Phoenix Art Appraiser

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Phoenix Art Appraiser Phoenix Art Appraiser