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Article provided by: Champion Cleaners

dry cleaner Naples

dry cleaner Naples

Many people consider a dry cleaning service a luxury. However, to have a reliable service for the care of your clothes is a necessity. First of all, your wardrobe is an investment: the best way to keep your clothes in optimum condition is allowing professionals to clean them.

Also, having a service that let you get rid of household chores always brings collateral benefits. You will have more free time to dedicate it to your family. It is essential that you know the advantages of having this valuable service.

Benefits of Having a Reliable Dry Cleaner

Less Abrasive Cleaning

The prestigious dry cleaning services use the best products for the care of your garments. Today, advances in the industry allow professionals to use less abrasive and more eco-friendly products.

They have less impact on your garments and the environment. As a result, your clothing will last much longer and maintain its properties, such as fiber integrity and colors. You will be able to enjoy it for much longer, and you will save by not having to buy clothes so often.

Attention to Detail

For prestigious dry cleaners, high customer satisfaction is a must. That's why they handle clothes as carefully as possible, making sure that tasks such as washing, drying, ironing, folding and packing are first class.

The Solution for Stains & Odors

A significant advantage of having a specialized service for the cleaning of your clothes is that you will be able to recover those garments that you already thought were lost. Through specialized products, dry cleaners can remove impurities and odors efficiently, without compromising the integrity of the clothing.


Having excellent dry cleaners service like Champion will not only save you time. Your electricity’s bill will decrease considerably, as you won't have to use the washer and dryer that often.

What Clothes Should You Send to Dry Cleaners?

Even if you want to take care of the cleaning of your clothes, certain parts of your wardrobe still require special attention. These are some of the items that can only be kept clean and well cared with the support of specialists:

  • Suits
  • Jackets
  • Garments with ornaments (sequins, beads)
  • Chamois
  • Leather
  • Delicate fibers (silk, wool)
  • Large Pieces (Duvets, Lingerie)

Home Dry Cleaning: Impeccable Clothing & Maximum Comfort

If you want to enjoy the benefits of an excellent dry cleaner in Naples without compromising your usual tasks and pace of life, the wisest thing is to have a home service like the one we provide at Champion Cleaners. This added value provides you with an ideal solution since you will be able to keep your wardrobe in optimum condition, through a convenient and comfortable solution.

The best home services will give you even more advantages. First of all, you won't spend more as the most prestigious dry cleaners such as Champion provide pick-up & delivery services completely free of charge. Also, if you need any emergency service, the specialists will be able to attend you through their express service.

Trust the Best!

If you want to have the best dry cleaner in Naples, you are in the right place. For years Champion Cleaners has served a variety of satisfied customers in the city, helping them satisfyingly preserve their clothes. Register online and enjoy a 10% discount on your first order. You'll be more than satisfied, guaranteed.

dry cleaner Naples
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dry cleaner Naples
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dry cleaner Naples dry cleaner Naples