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Height Adjustable Tables

Height Adjustable Tables

Invest in quality height adjustable tables from Top Dawg Modular Service and save money on your purchase. We have a wide selection of office tables and chairs to choose from- and that’s only the beginning. Shop our Web store for new, pre-owned, and refurbished furnishings that include cubicles, reception area desks, work space partitions, file cabinets, bookcases,and so much more- all at prices you’re sure to appreciate. Why pay more for height adjustable tables when we have what you need for a lot less than our competitors?

2 Popular Height Adjustable Tables From Top Dog Modular Service

1. Performance Height Adjustable Standing Desks are designed to improve comfort at the work place by making it easy for your employees to switch from a standing to a sitting position, and vice-versa, at a moment’s notice. We have the perfect standing desk for home offices, as well, height-adjustable workstations to suit any home office design.

Browse our catalog now to see standard and corner units for work or home office convenience. Choose from Espresso, Walnut, Cherry, White, Aspen, or Newport Gray with based available in silver or black.

2. Performance Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frame units are even more popular than our manual adjustable desks. Features dual motors; 3-stage legs, and options fixed height return available with half-leg. Our motorized desk frame has a 300lb weight capacity and comes with a basic control pad for up/down motion. Optional programmable keypad is available, as well.

If you’re currently shopping and comparing height adjustable tables, you’ll find that our Performance series offers quality and affordability- the ideal set-up for your office location. Sitting at a desk all day can be harmful to one’s health; having the option to stand or sit makes working at a desk area much more enjoyable.

Quality Furniture For the Office

At Top Dawg Modular Service, we’re home to some of the most popular office furnishings- products designed to last for many years and offer comfort, safety, and visual appeal. Along with height adjustable tables and desks, we also carry a wide assortment of chairs & seating arrangements, cubicles & panels, filing & storage options, furniture accessories, and many other items for your home office or work space. You’ll save a bundle by shopping on our website- check out prices on our furnishings and compare them with what our competitors charge for the same items.

Affordable, Well-Designed Offices

You don’t have to pay a lot of money for height adjustable tables, low wall cubicles, conference room tables & chairs, bookcases, and other office furnishings; simply browse our catalog online to see why so many office executives and work-from-home receptionists choose us when they’re looking for a new desk, chair, or table. Our items are practical, built to a high-standard of quality, and flexible enough to fit in just about any work area. Feel free to get in touch with us by calling 1-877-486-7394 or use our website’s form to send us your communication.

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