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Welcome to Brooks Corning

Our office, located in Vancouver, BC, is a provider of adaptable furniture for every work environment. We have partnered with many brands, including Haworth, to bring world class solutions and excellent service to you.

Fostering Collaboration in the Workplace

Visit our product page for a curated selection of the brands we represent. Here we showcase everything you will need to build a collaborative space, a private office, or a workstation.

A Glimpse Into What We’ve Created

We work with some of Canada’s top brands – Vancouver Canucks, MEC, Seaspan and UBC to name a few.

The Workplace is Evolving and So Are We

Read the latest feature in ‘Our Voice’ and stay tuned for upcoming posts.

Services We Offer

We will support you on every step of your journey:

  • Partnering with experts to create the best solutions for your space.
  • Selecting the right pieces to create a healthy, functional workspace.
  • Providing product options that work for your budget.
  • Offering storage and experienced staff to handle your product.
  • Efficient and reliable from start to finish.
  • Timely maintenance and repairs as well as creating solutions for your warranty needs.

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