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Art deco engagement rings

Art deco engagement rings

When you are looking for Art Deco engagement rings, whether on line or in person, please allow Israel Rose to assist you with your next jewelry purchase. We have the know-how with years of experience to assist you with your next investment in your jewelry purchase. Art Deco can be considered the latest and the greatest next generation in the retro experience of fine jewelry. We have one of the most extensive collections of the finest, rarest jewelry pieces from across the world. Our professional, experienced jewelers have searched the four corners of the earth to present to you our unique, unusual selections.

When you choose to allow Israel Rose Jewelry to assist you with your next jewelry purchase, we offer you many professional services, such as:

  • A Family Owned and Operated Business
  • Decades of Jewelry Experience
  • Advice and Tips for the Care of Your Jewelry
  • Over 40 Years in the Diamond and Jewelry District

Israel Rose Jewelry offers you the finest, largest selection of Art Deco engagement rings for you to select from. The Art Deco era was at its highest popularity through the Roaring 20’s right up until the beginning of the Great Depression. Some of the characteristics of Art Deco jewelry include geometric forms and future-like motifs. It has been said that these characteristics were made popular because of the free-thinking society of those times. Art Deco pieces can also be identified by the type of metals that were popular at the time.

At Israel Rose, we make it simple and affordable for you to own your next fine piece of jewelry. We have a user-friendly web site that allows you to browse through an extensive selection of jewelry. At, you can purchase your next jewelry selections directly on our home page. You can also simply fill out a short form to briefly tell us about a certain idea or style of jewelry that you are looking for. We will contact you after we receive your request, to guide you in selecting your next jewelry purchase.

We understand that many people are not comfortable with purchasing fine jewelry over the internet. At Israel Rose, we make it simple for you to visit our unique show room, located in the heart of the Diamond And Jewelry District. Our location at 21 West 47th Street has a full, extensive line of our beautiful jewelry. You can schedule your private viewing directly on our web site, or you can simply call us at 212.944.2370.

For the largest, most beautiful and unique selection of Art Deco engagement rings, we confidently suggest that you make Israel Rose Jewelry your first and only choice for your next jewelry purchase. We offer you so much more that any other jewelers in the region. We have the experience, education and the resources available to bring to you the finest collection of jewelry. It would be our pleasure and a privilege to assist you in selecting your next jewelry purchase. Your satisfaction is our main goal. 

Israel Rose Jewelry
Art deco engagement rings
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Booth 21 New York NY 10036

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Art deco engagement rings Art deco engagement rings