Our Work

Constellation Brands - (Formerly Known As Vincor)

Completed 2008

Boundary Rd, Vancouver, BC V5M 3Y7
(604) 451-9511

Design by: Aliki Gladwin http://www.againteriors.com/

•Haworth’s Modular Wall materials were selected specifically to allow the end users to create a unique aesthetic.
•Aluminum frames are easily extruded to provide solutions that suit the customer’s specific requirements.
•Wood profiles are easily shaped to closely resemble existing site aesthetics.
•Finishes are available to match fixed-in-place conditions for seamless integration of Haworth products to existing real estate.
•Curved panels with a user defined radius is available in solid and glass panels.
•Faceted panels provide a value driven solution that allows the flexibility of flat panels with an aesthetic similar to curved walls.
•Multiple glass panes can be specified for a unique aesthetic including metal inserts or shaped glazing strips
•Organic shapes available for door glass inserts and glass panels.
•Magnetic vinyl panels are available on request.
•Interchangeable tiles can be incorporated to accommodate clerestory glass, veneer tiles, accessory bars, whiteboards or back-painted glass and fabric or vinyl
panels at costumer defined locations.

•Haworth’s Modular Walls electrical systems and data distribution can include Haworth’s Powerbase modular plug and play electrical system.
•1, 2,4 and 6 gang modular boxes available with rough-in, hard wire, and plug and play capabilities.
•electrical is factory installed, with site or factory installed wiring.
•Haworth’s Modular Walls are aluminum and drywall construction, suitable for wireless environments
•Electrical services can be dropped into the panels vertically to allow panel relocation without affecting adjacent panels. The powerbase system runs horizontally through the walls
yet offers modular plug and play capabilities.
•Haworth’s Modular Walls have the ability to integrate with a ceiling distribution model or under floor electrical systems.

Panel Sizes
•Haworth’s Modular Walls are available in a limitless range of heights and widths from 6” to 48” wide. Haworth works with the building planning and construction module to allow better
flexibility for future reconfigurations.
•48” solid panels are well suited to the industry standard for 54” wide wall coverings.
•6” to 48” wide solid panels.
•6” to 60” glass panels.
•panels available up to 12’-0’ in height.
•partial height panels available.
•A combination of swing and sliding doors are available from 36” wide to 48”wide, locking or non-locking.

Chinook Ceiling
•Haworth Modular Walls can be installed as a partial height system with an open ceiling and has an independent beam system to support a wide selection of suspended ceilings.
•Available in 10’, 15’ and 20’ spans.
•Connectors available for Haworth Modular Walls to hard wall construction.